Have you ever heard of an instrument that mixes the beat sounds from tabla with sweet music tunes? It’s called Tabla Tarang, and this blog will take us on a journey into its magical music world.

1. Where Did It Come From?

Tabla Tarang comes from Indian classical music and has been in use for a long time. Musicians think it’s a great idea to mix the fast beats of tabla with nice tunes, making something really special.

2. What Does It Look Like?

Imagine multiple tabla drums, each with its own unique sound. Tabla Tarang is like a group of tuned drums, and musicians play them using their fingers or little sticks. The way these drums are arranged makes this instrument special and interesting to see.

3. How Does It Sound?

Tabla Tarang makes a special sound that mixes beats and music. Musicians use many ways to make different sounds – some quiet and gentle, others loud and strong. It’s like a dance of music sounds that can make you feel many feelings.

4. Playing Different Types of Music:

One nice thing about Tabla Tarang is that it’s not just for classical music. Musicians use it in all types of music – from old-fashioned to new and even mixed. It is like a musical chameleon, changing and adding its own taste to various styles.

5. Number of Drums in a Typical Tabla Tarang Set:

A standard set of Tabla Tarang includes a few tuned tabla drums, each making its own musical sound. The number of drums in a group changes, often between 10 to 16. These drums are set up in a half-circle or roundway, with big ones making low sounds on one side and smaller ones making high sounds on the other.

6. Learning to Play:

If you want to try playing Tabla Tarang and are interested, there’s a way to learn. You can look for lessons, tools and advice to help you begin your music adventure. It might need some practice, but the happiness of making your own tunes is worth it.

7. Tabla Tarang in Today’s Music:

This cool instrument is not tied to the past. It has also been used in modern music. Musicians enjoy trying new things and working with Tabla Tarang to make fresh sounds. They also want to explore the limits of what can be done in music today.

8. Listen and Enjoy:

To listen to some of Tabla Tarang’s beautiful sounds, you can try listening to a few recommended songs. Each note is like a story told by music, illustrating how the instrument can evoke emotions.


Tabla Tarang is more than just an instrument; it’s also fun and helps with imagination. If you are someone who likes music or wants to try something different, discovering Tabla Tarang will be a great journey into lovely sounds.